Bangalore Times Sustainable Fashion Week 2021

Tirang not just being Sustainable but an Authentication of Earth-Friendly Fashion was Approached by The Bangalore Times Fashion Week to Treasure Our Collection on the Sustainable Fashion Week which is an Initiative to Encourage The World towards shifting to a more Sustainable Lifestyle.

Tirang by Prem Anand Stephen on the Ramps of Bangalore Times Fashion week, Treasuring Handloom Artisans and their Art in The Fashionably rejuvenating way.

Prem Anand Stephen

The Master Mind & Founder along with the Show Stoppers Ms. Apurva Mittal (Actress) & Mr Naved Qureshi (Leading Fashion Influencer).

Fashion from Nature

Tirang works in Harmony with Nature where We Explore & Innovate Fabrics made from Nature and Fuse it in The Current Scenario of Lifestyle.

Aloe Vera Fabric

Fabric made from the Aloe Vera Microfibers is very nourishing for the body, especially for human skin. As this fabric has a large number of pores, it allows easy evaporation of sweat; hence it repels moisture and cold from outside.

• It cools during the warm nights, and if you are cold on the contrary, it keeps you warm.
• It also features excellent antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties.

Orange Fabric

The fabric is made by spinning the cellulose extract from the peels that would be otherwise be thrown away . The fabric is wonderfully soft , cuddly and strong that drapes beautifully , is anti-wrinkle and biodegradable. It can also be blended with other materials and be opaque or shiny.

Rose Petals Fabric

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Corn Fabric

A new and advanced concept in the world of eco-friendly textile, Corn Fabric is created from the fermented sugar derived from corn. The residue obtained after the process of sugar fermentation is then converted into polylactide, that is a high-performance polymer. The fiber used for fabric production is extracted from polylactide. The corn fabric is a perfect replacement for synthetic fabrics, though it has the appearance and feel of natural fabric. The corn fabric provides good moisture management, it is easy to wear, it provides gentle comfort and perfect drape. The low odor retention property of the fabric gives the wearer great comfort and confidence.

Milk Fabric

With progress in technology today, we are benefited to wear milk in the form of milk fabric. Milk Fabric is made out of skimmed milk. It has a glossy appearance as of mulberry silk. The fiber's advantages include high smoothness, sheen, delicate feel, hygiene, flexibility, moisture absorption, permeability, resistance to heat, color fast and easily dyeable. It can be blended with cotton, silk and wool and is a renewable, biodegradable and eco-friendly fabric

Lotus Fabric

The lotus fabric is made from the fibres of lotus stem. This fabric is used for making a rare kind of cloth matching, with the flawless virtues of the silk. As the fibres of this fabric are spun by hand and woven within 24 hours it makes a fabric similar to silk. The biggest advantage of this fabric is that it is wrinkle resistant along with high breathability.

Khadi suit with Dabu Printed Shirt

Khadi being the Hand Spun and Hand Woven Pure Cotton Fabric with holds Natural Benefits like keeping the Human Body Climate Safe
and adds essence of Nature to our Skin and keep it Chemical friendly and away from Harm.
Dhabu Print being one of the most Traditional Hand Block Print of India is Inherited from the of . It carries rich Tradition and Heritage from
our Ancestors and stand as a Symbol of Indian Hand Craft Art.

Khadi Fabric

Khadi, the hand woven and hand spun fabric is known for our nations freedom struggle, that represents the love for
our country and the people in it. It is made by using natural fiber, and is woven in such a way that, this fabric will keep the
body cool during summer and warm during winter. As it is referred to as the hope of masses, it is also referred to as the
hope our environment.

Bhoodan Pochampally Ikat

Born in a Town of AndraPradesh what Today is Telangana, Bhoodan Pochampally ikat is made by one of the Most Traditional Art , Chit-Ku Weave. Tirang Source Fabrics Directly from Pochampally Ikat Weavers who utilize their Valuable Time to create all Fabrics with So much Care and Love.

Linen Herring Bone Fabric with Traditional Kalamkari Print Hoodi

Linen fabric is a flax-based textile that is predominantly used for homeware applications. While linen is similar to cotton, it is made from fibers derived from the stems of the flax plant instead of the bolls that grow around cotton seeds. Linen fabric are desirable in hot and humid climates.